by Baby Cleo

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released April 24, 2014

All music written and performed by Eric Seligman, Josh Fink, and Genevieve Guimond

Additional vocals on Dust/Flux provided by Eddy Kwon, Stephen Patota, and Benjamin Thomas

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Labs

Artwork by L.D. Nehls



all rights reserved


Baby Cleo Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Pet Silhouette
just a mural of pearls
I thought it was the sky, all mine

in the newest of bluest
highs to allow my eyes, I surmise
walls, or mirrors that simmer
one-ways, we see our face, feel this place

pet silhouette
it's infinite

in the newest of bluest
highs to allow my eyes, a disguise!
just a mural of pearls
I thought it was the sky, all mine

pet silhouette
is it infinite?
when will you fray?
one more day?
when will you fray?
is this always?
Track Name: As The Season Exits
As the season exits
your head fits
a wintry pillow.
As you feel the ice bite
your neck tight
your face shivers.

While your tender knees sweat
the leaves set,
all floating slowly.
To receive the branches
she dances
but always knowing

Oh lake, let me swim away
Oh, hide your shores for another day...

As the season exits
you're endless
but always slowing.
May you feel enticed by
the sunlight
always ignoring.

Is the rapid switch here?
Is the mist near
those melting circles?
Is the vapid bitch queer?
Is the cyst clear?
The land's infertile.

Envelop you
Envelop you
Into the pew

Developed too
Envelop you
Into the pew
Track Name: Conical Moniker
Oh, great separator
how can you rescind
our river, our wind?


Diameter proves we are amateur,
conical, moniker proves nominal too.

Hierarchical mountain shows where to pull
out of sight that which might frighten the able.

Untouched bitter last wish: rid her of caste;
listed first, on a curse term: ask not of her.

whose moniker
proves conical
Track Name: Dust/Flux
lucid pool of circles
shivering, parallel
elusive view of wordfuls:
silvering inner cells

as the nodal mode slows
a silhouette diffused
and the normal flow shows
a ripple went unused

the dust
behind us
in flux
elides us
Track Name: Isn't She
you brush aside sinking curtains of light
that fall from the surface above.
as ocean slows, you see sapphire toes,
notice her stone-frozen eyes.

waves tug your coat sleeves and beckon you near
as white descends from the sky.

isn't she glistening,
isn't she listening?
sea of cerulean
only fits two within
you notice her chilled skin
what is your question?
waves ask that you listen.